Cloud Migration

For a quicker and risk-free change, Techofynder offers exclusive end-to-end modernization solutions and intellectual property. Additionally, by modernising and remediating to the cloud by rehosting, replatforming, refactoring, and rearchitecting apps to lay the foundation for digital transformation, organisations can eliminate their technical debt thanks to our application modernization and migration services.


Cloud Transformation

Technology-driven, inside-out transformation to modernise legacy applications with cloud computing through 360-degree re-thinking, simplification, and rationalisation themes centred on the best fit solution and future-proof IT systems.


NextGen Application Services

Improve the efficiency of maintaining the current applications on the legacy platform to get ready for a smooth transition to the target and for managing applications after the transition in the new environment.

Transformation Consulting

Define your modernization journey with our tried-and-true DEEP assessment method, which examines your estate from a business, IT, and process point of view to offer a customised and well-suited transformation strategy.

Data & Database Modernization

Various Data & DB Modernization topics, such as Data Virtualization & Offload, Legacy to Modern Datastore, and Data Rationalisation/ Standardisation/ Protection/ Localization, will help you get the most out of your system’s data. Develop data analytics and insights as well.

Legacy exit to Target

With the help of Techofynder and its partners, who are experts in Legacy Modernization tools and solutions, you may leave your Legacy state and transition to your Target state using a variety of dispositions including rewrite, reengineer, re-architect, automated migration, transcoding, re-hosting, replace, and retirement.

Experience Transformation

Modernising the customer experience using concepts like upgrading from outdated green screens to contemporary responsive user interfaces, omnichannel experiences, persona-based approaches, and gaming experiences.