Why Techofynder ?

Cloud Managed



  • Inventory all workloads & infrastructure
  • Application classification


  • Determine workload dependencies
  • Determines software license strategies
  • Determines testing & Q/A requirements
  • Determines migration velocity & timing
  • High level design
  • Design documents (laC)
  • Build core cloud services


  • Build migration schedule workload
  • Capture, transport AWS import, post launch configuration, completion cutover

Services for transformational consulting

Our cloud transformation consulting team is aware of the adjustments an organisation must make and helps it achieve its goals. By sharing responsibility and providing step-by-step instructions, we help teams succeed by anticipating problems and finding answers to unasked questions.

Management of organisational change

By bringing awareness, adoption, training, and an exciting shared vision to all of our transformations, Techofynder integrates change management services to promote a culture that will ultimately lead to success.

Cloud Migration

Future-oriented organisational change requires an experience-driven process. The ideal customer experience has now been established as the benchmark for all upcoming business transactions. Industry pioneer DesignIt’s strategic design services break down mental boundaries to create new products, classes, and experiences.